Production for the fifth season of “Orange Is the New Black” is already underway, but we don’t know too many details about what happens next in Netflix’s prison dramedy. And considering that the season 4 finale of the hit show ended on a cliffhanger and left many questions unanswered, we can say for certain that many fans are eagerly awaiting for the next season.

Season four of the popular TV series showed a different Litchfield Penitentiary, under new management and with more inmates – a circumstance that allowed the producers to explore racial tensions within the prison, making a connection to the Black Lives Matter movement, and delve into prison politics and the injustice that exists nowadays in the system.

Toast Can’t Never Be Bread Again

Screenshot from season 4 finale

The season’s final episode, called “Toast Can’t Never Be Bread Again,” was arguably the most intense in the series so far. After Poussey (Samira Wiley), one of the show’s most popular characters, dies tragically in the penultimate episode at the hands of C.O. Bayley, the finale offers a poignant tribute to her life with flashbacks from a brief, amazing night she spent in New York City before going to Amsterdam.

As mentioned earlier, her death might have been frustrating for fans, but it served to illustrate an important point: although it was an accident, it shouldn’t go unpunished, as it so often happens in real life.

After a very dramatic scene where inmates go into a full-on riot against the prison guards and Daya aims a gun at Humphrey, the season finale ends with another flashback showing Poussey looking straight at the camera and smiling. Speaking about this final scene, Wiley has said the moment is a more positive way to end the season, leaving fans with a trace of hope.

“To end on that rather than end on Daya’s gun and Humphrey’s face is leaving us with an ounce of hope,” the actress says.

What’s next for the Litchfield inmates?


So after all this, what’s in store for season 5? Will Daya pull the trigger on C.O. Humphrey? And if she does shoot someone, what consequences will her gesture have for the rest of the inmates?

Dascha Polanco, the actress playing Daya, seems to think that she will indeed pull the trigger. Seeing as how she was abandoned by her fiancé, lost her daughter and was experiencing some postpartum depression, she might just release her frustration by shooting someone.

Another question that needs to be answered in the next season has to do with the aftermath of the riot. How will the prison management fix the situation and how will the inmates be punished?

Also, everybody will want to know more about Bayley’s fate, who turned into an accidental murderer in Poussey’s death. Will he return to Litchfield after this life-changing event?

Among the dozen stories left unresolved is also that of Alex and Piper, who have had an on-again, off-again relationship throughout the seasons. They admitted they needed each other after Poussey’s death, but will they last this time?

“Orange Is the New Black” season 5 is set to return to Netflix next summer, so that’s when all our questions will get answered.