We don’t get the opportunity to see Serena Williams talking about herself too often, so when this happens, it’s definitely newsworthy. The world’s number one female tennis player was recently featured on Vogue’s latest edition of their “73 Questions” series, in which she revealed just as many random facts about herself.

Williams, who will be launching her first clothing line in September, answers this rapid-fire series of questions about different aspects of her life, ranging from tennis, her fashion style to favorite food and movies she enjoyed watching.

“Life is pretty good,” the American professional tennis player says at the beginning of the interview. And we don’t doubt it is. With her majestic victory at Wimbledon 2016, Serena has managed to finally equal Steffi Graf’s open-era record of 22 grand slam singles titles. And at 34 years old, she became the oldest woman ever to win a grand slam, so life is definitely good for her at the moment.

Among the things she dishes out in the clip, Williams reveals that she would like to play a tennis match against Althea Gibson, the first black woman to win Wimbledon, and the fact that she would probably master ballet if tennis weren’t her game.

Also related to tennis, she talks about the ritual she has before each match and it’s nothing fancy – she’s just washing her hands to make sure she’ll have a good grip of the racket.

“I always wash my hands to make sure that they’re nice and dry so I can grip that racquet tight enough,” she says.

Considering she is getting ready to dive into the fashion design world, she says a few words about her style and declares her longstanding love for fashion. What’s more, she has a piece of advice for who’s listening: “Be you, wear your style and be confident.” And even though she has her own style, she’d still be thrilled to raid Mariah Carey’s closet, mostly because “She has amazing shoes!”

Serena Williams also tells Vogue magazine about her walk-on song, her favorite book, whose tennis move she would like to steal, how she deals with the haters, and what her superhero name would be. She’s warm, relaxed and funny, and she’s a pleasure to watch. So if you want to learn more about Serena, just watch her answers in the video embedded below.