Celine Dion has appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week and certainly gained a new wave of fans after she played Wheel of Musical Impressions with the host of the show.

The Grammy-winning singer is definitely one of the best voices of the moment, but it seems that she has other hidden talents as well. Impressions are one of them, as she proved during Jimmy Fallon’s show, where she impersonated other well-known female singers and did a really good job at it.

The rules of the game are as follows: the guest pushes a button and has to perform the songs that appear on the screen in the voice of other well-known singers.

Initially, Celine appears reluctant to take part in Fallon’s game, but she eventually gives in and delights the audience with her impression of Cher singing “Frère Jacques.”

After Jimmy’s turn, she offered a great rendition of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” in the style of Rihanna, and the cherry on top was Dion’s excellent twerk.

Her last performance was the one that gained the loudest round of applause, and it was an impersonation of Sia. Celine sang “Hush, Little Baby” and used her hair to cover her face.

After Thursday’s show, we can say for sure that, should Celine Dion decide to give up on music (which we hope she never will), she would surely find work as an impressionist.

Jimmy Fallon was at the height of his game too, covering his own random selection of songs flawlessly. He imitated Michael Jackson singing “One Dance,” while Dion also chipped in with some Michael-specific sounds.

Longtime fans already know that Celine Dion rarely makes television appearances, so her presence on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show was a treat for everybody, and the diva did not disappoint. She also talked a little bit about her new album, “Encore Un Soir,” and revealed that she never wanted to record her greatest hit, “My Heart Will Go On,” especially considering that she rarely does work for film and television.

You can watch the impersonations bit of the show below.