This summer’s most debated celebrity relationship is definitely the one between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, and all kinds of rumors have been circling the web regarding their love affair.

Just a few days ago, celebrity pundits were claiming that the 35-year-old British actor was feeling trapped in this romance and was desperate to get rid of Swift. Today, however, a new theory popped up saying that their love is real and they are actually ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Taylor and Tom have only been dating for a month, but reports are now suggesting that they are ready to commit, with friends of the couple saying the actor is “planning to propose very soon.”

Their whirlwind romance might be new, but the duo have already met each other’s parents and went on vacations together, so it would not be such a big surprise if Hiddleston really went and proposed on a whim.

Their first public outing as a couple was on June 14 when they were seen spending time together and kissing on a beach outside Swift’s Rhode Island mansion.

Currently, Taylor Swift and the Avengers stars are on the Gold Coast in Australia where he is filming Thor: Ragnarok. Just the other day, the actor was cornered by media while out on a run and asked questions about Taylor, which he nervously laughed off and refused to answer.

Everything about their relationship was spontaneous and a bit rushed, which set tongues wagging about the veracity of their feelings, but pictures on social media and in gossip magazines hint at real love, given that whenever seen in public they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.

On the other hand, however, the 26-year-old singer entered this new relationship just two weeks after her messy breakup with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, which raised suspicion among fans. And with her dating history, no doubt some question the authenticity of the romance.

Moreover, Tom seemed to be a very private person in the past, especially when it came to his previous affair with Elizabeth Olsen, and sources close to the actor said he used to take relationships more slowly, so this is out of character for him.

Whether their love is authentic or just a PR stunt, we’ll surely find out soon enough, as I doubt they’ll manage to keep up false appearances for too long.