Jimmy Kimmel delights his audience every night with funny speeches and spirited interviews with celebrities, but what highlights his comedy skills the most are the hilarious skits he puts together along with some of his guests.

Case in point: Kimmel and Austrian actor Christoph Waltz tried auditioning for the recently-announced biopic Siegfried & Roy: Magic Secrets.

Christoph Waltz was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his latest film The Legend of Tarzan, and took advantage of the occasion to reveal that he set sights on one of the leading roles in the upcoming biopic.

The actor is mostly known for playing bad-guy roles, like Inglourious Basterds’ Hans Landa or Franz Oberhauser in the Bond film Spectre, but that doesn’t mean he can’t play a good guy too. So he wanted to try his hand at playing a more positive role, that of either one of the famed Las Vegas magicians Siegfried or Roy.

Being the good guy that he is, Kimmel didn’t leave Waltz alone in his quest, so he joined him on stage. They dress up in some super-shiny attires with massive mullets and huge shoulder pads, and they start the gig by arguing who is going to play Roy Horn in the biopic.

As you will see in the clip below, Kimmel is the one wearing Horn’s brunette wig, but the comedian and The Legend of Tarzan actor eventually decide to both be Roy and then argue about how to properly speak with a German accent.

Naturally, Waltz is in the know here, as he is Austrian, and he mocks Kimmel’s terrible attempt, describing it as “Nazi magician.” They go on bickering like that until Waltz decides he has had enough of his competitor’s antics and comically storms off the set.

Left alone in front of the auditioners, Kimmel even practices his “scream for when the tiger’s eating my head” and tries to convince them to play both tiger-taming legends, with little success, as you might have guessed.

Well, neither got the part, obviously, but the sketch is definitely a fun one to watch.