Rapper Kanye West released not so long ago the video for his latest single “Famous,” off the “Life of Pablo” album, and the clip is already a subject of controversy and the butt of many jokes in the online world. Stephen Colbert, the Late Show host, and Jimmy Kimmel are just two of the people who took the time to spoof the video in a humorous way.

And if you’ve seen the video, you probably understand why “Famous” made so many headlines. It’s because it features a scene where Kanye and 11 other famous people, including Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Donald Trump, are shown naked in a huge bed, squirming and twisting in between sheets.

As if that weren’t awkward enough, West himself claims that there is no CGI involved and it’s all real, which would mean all those celebrities and politicians agreed to shoot naked for the clip.

Well, we highly doubt that. They’re most likely just fake, nude look-alikes, but we have to admit Kanye knows how to make a fuss, especially considering that he chose to include in the clip exactly those celebrities who would bring him the most coverage: a former President, a hopeful President-to-be, his arch-enemy Taylor, Caitlyn Jenner – the most famous trans-woman in the world, and above all, Kim Kardashian – his wife, along with his ex Amber Rose.

Whom he didn’t include, however, is Stephen Colbert, who is now really pissed about it and wanted to mention that he intends on suing the rapper.

And to prove that Kanye promised him he would have him in the clip, Colbert showed his audience and the entire nation the footage he filmed in that enormous bed and which was supposed to make the cut in the notorious music video.

“I wish you could smell it in here, it is like a cage in a zoo. They’re going to have to burn this bed,” the comedian says in the video, where he is seen next to Bush enjoying a snack of crackers.

It’s all just a joke, of course, not actual footage of Stephen Colbert naked with Kanye and his supposed bed partners.

Jimmy Kimmel, on the other hand, showed a parody featuring his sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez, in bed next to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and said it was “the most star-studded ad for a Sleep Number mattress [he’s] ever seen.”

Many have criticised the “Famous” clip after its release last week, labelling it as lame, defamatory or gross, but the rapper says it’s just a “comment on fame.”