It’s the touching story about an invisible person living in plain sight. Glenn Close stars as the title character in the upcoming movie, “Albert Nobbs.” In it, Close plays a woman disguised as a man in 19th century Ireland, all the while battling herself and her sexuality.

She sat down with 7Live during her trip to town for the Mill Valley Film Festival. She explains why Nobbs is the trickiest and most challenging character she’s portrayed.. Plus, she passes on some sage advice she got early on in her career.

Glenn Close tribute at Mill Valley Film Festival
The Mill Valley Film Festival will honor Glenn Close tonight (Oct. 7) in a tribute to her stellar career. The program includes an onstage interview, review of clips from her films and a reception.

Friday, October 7
8:00 pm
Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center
Tribute and Reception $150
Tribute Only $50
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